Breaking News! Punta Cana has peace

Recent news on European news portals was that there was a devastating earthquake in the Dominican Republic. They reported about panic and damage. We would like to reassure everyone that it is not a big problem. Life has not stopped, at least a little dazed, there are no significant damages around us and no victims. […]

Deep sea fishing

Live broadcast from the Punta Cana coasts on the prey of a team returning from deep sea fishing. Possibility for deep sea fishing [ HERE ]

Hotel Caño Hondo, Los Haitises

In the north of the Dominican Republic, in the wildlife area of Los Haitises, the hotel is located in a beautiful setting called Caño Hondo. There are numerous waterfalls, splashing water and pools in the area. Excursion to Los Haitises National Park

In Dominica whale season started

From January to March in Samana Bay we can observe the long-tailed whales during the mating season. They provide an unforgettable experience when they’re jump out of the water, showing themselves. The first whales have already arrived. Stay tuned with us!

Snorkel with us in Dominican Republic!

In the Dominican Republic, the island of Catalina is perfectly suited for snorkeling in the underwater world. There are fish of different colors in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. You can read about the excursion to Catalina here.


The official currency is the Dominican peso-Dominican Republic 1 dollar 47 pesos. Currency: the Dominican Republic the best EURO-USD or greater amount arriving, you might want to declare on arrival, leaving the country without causing a problem. The local money (DOP) not to enter the country, not out. Rates at the airport and hotels are […]


Car rental is expensive, and those who are not familiar with the road conditions and driving style of the Dominicans, to sit behind the wheel is not recommended. Not to mention the fact that tourist centers are common in the vicinity of the police officers, a white driver is the most convenient source of revenue […]


The name of the Dominican Cuisine Creole cuisine (Cocina Criolla), egyértelműsítve to the Caribbean common Creole cuisine is characterized by the dominant role of units. The Creole kitchen mix with indigenous Native American, Spanish, African and South American flavors and cooking styles. The majority of the rice and add to casserole dishes of meat or […]


Residents of the Dominican Republic are known for their friendly hospitality and their kind nature. It is a multicultural country with more than 10 million inhabitants. Two-thirds of the population live in towns. About one third of the population is under the age of 14 and 5% is beyond the age of 65. More than […]

Location and time difference

The Greater Antilles archipelago on the East side of the island of Hispaniola which are part of, an independent State. It is bordered to the East by land, Haiti. Sea, to the West of Puerto Rico with. Time difference compared to Europe Winter time: 5 hoursDaylight savings time: 6 hours When to visit to Dominica? […]

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