27 Waterfalls Damajaqua Puerto Plata

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The most beautiful sights in the Dominican Republic. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful 27 tour of attractions includes the Dominican Republic. We will bathe, swim, after climbing in the Caribbean in the depth of nature untouched. The tour affect hundreds of different plant species, as well as some tropical bird-populated area. I check-in before the first waterfall, a feeling is going to us, like the Indiana Jones movies. Discover the Caribbean jungles, and many surprises, we can observe a real adventurer.

You can choose from 7, 12 or 27 waterfall sight. Each of them has something a little different. One of the other high and cold, shallow and warm, the hotels are full of cancers. If you haven’t seen these exotic creatures, you can visit the waterfall, Jaiba this is an excellent opportunity to view these.

Exciting jump eight metres

For the most braves is an 8-metre jump Castle, which is a sudden adrenaline. The crazy freefall moment I’ve only seen in the movies, is now within your reach. Who do not dare to call themselves beginning to the depths, down the stairs, using water.

Security and surveillance

During the tour the Guide provided supervision. Mandatory helmet and life jacket wear with the utmost security. The Dominican Republic meeting with the 27 waterfalls offer for the brave and crazy adventure.

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