Buggy Driving in Macao Beach

Price: 60 USD

Only if you are not afraid tuning dirt ourselves. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and a good dose of fun with 4 wheels, with stops at the Caribbean Sea in the territory of Macao, and through providing unsurpassed feeling mud.

Coffee and tobacco plantations

A secluded Ranch boarding buggys, into which the going flat out agricultural areas of Macao. The narrow roads to protect the mud, but by the end of the road we cannot guarantee this and, therefore, you will need sunglasses, save against the mud. The adventure begins with a Dominican plantation, then look at a coffee-, cocoa-farm or have farmed. Here you can taste the Mama Juana, increases the local popular drink.

Rocky, Rocky paths and scenic caves

The second route, the bumpy roads leading to picturesque Caribbean caves. One of the caves is hidden in nature. Who can resist the temptation of bathing cold crystal clear waters, and the mire the way can wash.

Off-Road in Macao

Do not get accustomed to the purity, because it’s not the end of the tour. After bathing in the cave again, we return to the mud flats of tuning dirt ourselves, and then we come to the Edenic Macao beach. Set in an idyllic landscape with beautiful palm trees and azure waters.

The 4 wheel drive fans

The Buggy is one of the most popular tour of the neighborhood, which is a must for all 4-wheel drive is recommended. We can find them, but experienced leaders. There is no other job than to enjoy your tour, you can enjoy the rural agricultural areas, farms, scenic caves and beautiful Macao beach.

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