Catalina Island Diving

Price: 130 USD

Catalina Island scuba diving is an excellent introduction to the underwater to the Chair, which is ideal for beginners. The crystal clear water is an opportunity to observe thousands of colorful fish, which provides ideal conditions for shallow sea scuba diving. It will be enjoyable and fascinating underwater Vista if configured we can exclude the outside world, and relaxation.

The document can be seen in the films the underwater world we also can begin filling oxygen tanks on your back while us of the beautiful korallkert. Every breath you take will take us another dimension. The underwater silence and scenery, unforgettable moments.

The Catalina is an adventure for everyone regardless of what we’ve seen is in

The island’s breathtaking coral wall, which is 4 m to 40 m – up to enjoy, this will allow you to dive with the little guests can safely enjoy this sight. Ideal for experienced divers, too, because it allows for deep dives. As we sink deeper, we will feel the excitement and adrenaline, while the korallwall will continue to emerge, as we approach the sea deep. We can feel the rising excitement, while the surface basking. But that’s not the end of our tour. After the conquest of the great wall, there is a second dive in the Caribbean “Aquarium”. As the name suggests, this place is full of exotic seafood, fish and coral. This brings us to the hustle and bustle of sea world. Imagine two vessels, one which we arrived, and another one, which is a few metres below us is a shipwreck. This is a story that many years ago, intrigued by can do us, where in the past, and who held the now overgrown with MOSS, which shipwreck between Windows of colorful fish can be seen swimming. The US in his sight, and excitement, now has the admiration of you. 12 sea wreck off the coast of the Dominican Republic. The most popular of these is St. George. According to the legend there will hurricane in 1998 Jorge.

The professional divers an opportunity to explore more than 100 mysterious sea caves, that have been formed over millions of years, every diver needs cannot be met. You can look at is not very deep and spacious caves, as well as complex underwater labyrinths!, which is the most professional divers also impresses. A unique atmosphere to the adventurous in stalactite caves and deep holes.

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