Coco Bongo Show & Disco

Price: 80 USD

World-class shows and entertainment. If you cross the threshold of Coco Bongo, we will find it hard to believe your own eyes. This is not a typical nightclub, but also a first class show offers visitors, professional dancers, live music and stunning light show. Foam party at rain and confetti, making this unique experience. We can be sure we’re going to have fun.

Theatre and show at the same time

The Coco Bongo is a Coliseum, and not without reason. The local shows, spectacle and theater. Here you can see real artists, and akrobatákat, rhythmic music and dancing, while we are sipping some drink alcohol. This is the place for Broadway and Las Vegas on reminds us. Be prepared for a fun entertainment that lasts till the morning Las Vegas style. It is not possible elsewhere in the Coco Bongo. This place is more for the average a little more expensive, so is diszkónál, but it’s worth it.

The real Hollywood “taste”

Throughout the night of live music, which are already well known films such as “the Mask,” “Moulin Rouge”, “Batman”, “Spiderman” and “The Phantom of the Opera”. In addition, she also performs songs from the most talented artists, such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Michael Jackson. Hilarious fun for each lecture, we will be sure to libabőrösek. And when it comes in the morning, I was surprised to see that in a split second the night.

All Inclusive

As you visit the Coco Bongóba, we see that it is a true All Inclusive place. By purchasing the ticket you will be given an unlimited beverage at the open bar all night. Enjoy the alcoholic drinks throughout the night, as the transfer in both directions. This is a high quality nightlife

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