Diving – PADI OWD Open Water Diver education

Price: 350 USD

The course is aimed at the professional diving, which allows you to dive without diving instructor. Education is the first step to become a professional diver. PADI OWD course (Open Water Diver) to a depth of 18 metres diving with an instructor. If the end of the course, instructor, even without dive. It is enough if the partner who has the same permissions, and diving.

Jurisdiction not only diving – PADI (Open Water Diver)

The main objective of the course is not only to obtain official authorisation, but also gain unique knowledge. Experience the difference in the shallow water, and the instructor without the collaboration of dive, so we can enjoy the uniquely fascinating underwater world. The real joy for us begins when we become independent, it can dive. We ourselves control our breathing and admire the underwater life. PADI Open Water Diver, allows you to obtain a qualification, thus invitation the beautiful underwater world. Our goal is to provide you with simple and natural, like running or cycling.

Adventure for all ages

The course is available to everyone who has reached the age of 10. the age. Children may experience a diving instructor to a depth of 12 metres or with parental permission. Here there is no upper age limit. The older age groups is represented among the divers, because of its age alone can never prevent the adventurous scuba diving. Condition of health status.

The content of education

During the course you’ll learn how to use scuba diving equipment. Get to know all the important safety rules and principles. PADI (Open Water Diver) is the first step to self-diving puzzles, a strong emphasis on safety. Learn the basic rules of safe diving, what situations to avoid and what to be careful. The first dive in a swimming pool to get to know and pity diving equipment. These courses provide comfort in the open water dives, because there are no currents and waves. Here we learn the basic knacks, which later dive we will need on the open waters. At the end of examination theoretical and practical lectures.

Unforgettable experiences

If you’ve survived the incredible dives of euphoric experience opens us to the underwater world. We will never forget the last words of the instructor, and the moment when the instructor says: “Congratulations! You are now an official diving! ” All you need is a little bit of persistence and a positive attitude. We will take care of the rest and then the professional instructors. In the course of a few days, the exact number of days depends on the kind of intensity we can learn new skills. The details of the course, the instructor will

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