Dr. Fish & Ocean Spa

Price: 150 USD

Perfect relaxation for body and soul. Dr. Fish is a unique program, the SPA and pilates fans. The 3-hour pampering in an exclusive environment with the help of trainers and experienced masseurs. The specially designed program is a floating bath, in a comfortable two-story ship. Our focus is primarily on the rest, and the purification of the soul. Want to be forgetting the relaxing concerns as much as possible. Dr. Fish for maximum relaxation for body and soul, this is an encounter with the beauty of the nature is clean.

Massage enjoy the ocean blue color

Let us imagine ourselves in an exclusive private cabin, where a therapist moves the body head to toe. The cabin’s window looking out you can see the ocean directly and transmit the full relaxation. Guests have access to opportunities in the azure sea on a floating mattress enjoy the massage.

For people who like BioPilatest

The BioPilatesre in the upper deck will be held to obtain the views of white sandy coasts full of Palm trees. This is a perfect complement to the breathing exercises, which can be mastered with the help of our teachers.

Dr. Fish, the fish, which are wonders

Dr. Fisch, in practice, little fish, Garra Rufa name. Not without reason they are called folklore. This is a perfect cure for pediatric troubles, a small fish by using mouth organ sucking the skin, so skin regains all silky and pleasant to the touch. The Garra Rufa nutrition during Dithranol enzyme that produces and distributes the treated skin. They are found in a number of isolated enzymes precious rejuvenating creams.

Healthy foods and natural fresh juices

The wellness of natural fruit juices, herbal teas, fresh fruit, is served. Tour end of delicious sandwiches, salads and chilled white wine will be served, which will ensure the proper heart function, and good cholesterol levels. Dr. Fish a spiritual and physical cleansing.

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