Fun Fun Caves Extreme Adventures

Price: 150 USD

An extreme adventure for those who wish to enjoy a dynamic, horseback riding, forest walks, speleoservice, swimming in the river. It’s just a few swipes of our experience. However, the Fun Fun cave, not just extreme adventure, but also a study of the history of the region and indigenous peoples. This is a knowledge that is passed to the túraveztő will remain ours forever. Los Haitises National Park, setting off on horseback, which is full of wild animals and pristine, uninhabited area. It is no wonder that this place was filmed in “the Pirates of the Caribbean” film. 30 minutes of riding on the local forests and swamps, we feel ourselves as if the pirates would have an abundance of time. That appears before our eyes, and exotic wildlife, old trees, which accompanied us kilometers after 40 minutes waiting for us to walk through the jungle, and then to the cave.

Explore the caves and the history of the Taino Indians to assist and meet

A professional tour guide to descend to 20 meters into the cave and the Tainok aura around us, while we discover their history. We can see the rock-carved their art, we cross the river and a cave tunnel, where the indigenous people as well. Front view of a number of stalactitewall that are thousands of years old. The cave exploration, accompanied by a great deal of excitement and adrenaline in us. All this under the supervision of a professional tour guide who knows the local cave.

Caribbean wildlife

After the exhausting adventure, we left the cave, then relaxation is waiting for us in the surrounding nature. We see the lush vegetation of the Caribbean, and the US surrounding the huge rocks. The bodies of the nearby river refreshed. At the end of the tour is waiting for us to enjoy a cool drink in the Dominican.

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