Hola Dominica – full day Island excursion with tour guide

Price: 100 USD

During the tour we the true local culture, which allows you to taste the real Dominican coffee, locally made cigar, and be a part of roosterracing. Our first stop in a local cigar factory, in a slightly more handmade cigars of different aromas. Not only taste, but you can create.

We visit a local primary school, with pupils in a small vacation.We drive to the Las Frutas Ranch, a friendly Dominican family, to gain insight into their busy everyday life.

In a variety of exotic, tropical plants and fruits

The air is not only the scent of freshly roasted coffee and cocoa touch, but the cacao tree and shrub’s natural scent. If you want to taste the special local fruits (such as pineapple, passion fruit, noni, papaya and vanilla) that you will be given a huge garden. Joy of living is such a simple but rich in plants and fruit at the village.

No 1882. Dominican Republic While we look at what will be the winner, we are involved in here is a kind of experience.

We also go to the provincial capital Higueybe to visit a Colmadot. The local shop asked us most of the famous brands “Presidente” of the Dominican beer. This beer is worth cold. Uploaded by the seller will be happy to be cancelled, and you will enjoy the unique flavor.

Access to the local market, there are plenty of interesting things to look at here. For example, little Vodoo gift shop.

We admire the magnificent city of Higuey Nuestra Señora de Altagracia Basilica, where pilgrims come all year throughout the country.

Buffet lunches are eaten in the Caribbean Sea

And then we will be a country inhabited by pirates. A brief look at a native Taino of the remaining ancient of cave. Understand the history of this island.

Boca de Yuma, where towards a piratewillage. The famous English pirate sir Francis Drake, on a regular basis in the nearby Bay of looted, with this great dislike for ships for himself. A small vessel, we will look for traces of the former pirate activity.

One of the most important export of the sugar cane, that the Haitian people’s hard work. You can see while using the Machete, so we can get a small taste of the sweet sugar cane.

During the tour you can create beautiful photos from Dominica’s natural sermons.

This is a unique experience in the real life, outside the hotel with our own eyes. 

Description of the trip: 

– a comfortable air conditioned minibus from the hotel

– non-alcoholic beverages throughout the whole tour / all inclusive

– arrival at a cigar factory

– presentation of a cigar factory and shopping

– visit to the Dominican School

– Rancho Las Frutas

– the town of Higuey, Basilica La Altagracia

– dominical market

– shopping in the supermarket

– sugar cane plantation

– visit Haiti children

– lunch

– cruise on De Juma River

– view of a collapsed cave

– return to Punta Cana

– a guide in Hungarian 

During the tour you can buy your professional photographer’s pictures.

Children up to the age of 10 are 50 USD, free for up to 2 years.

We will pick up our guests at the hotel reception and return them. 

Keep us on a rich boulevard in these programs where you can see the real Dominican life.

  • Magyar
  • Slovenčina
  • English