Las Salinas and Dunas de Baní

Price: 150 USD

Undiscovered secrets. Imagine an ancient cave, the magazines or documentaries. You’d think average to reach.

A great heritage of the Taino by native Americans

During the tour the cave of the Thaino Indians cellpos records. Guided tours through the safe way of knowing ourselves. A visit to the Salinas Pomier caves, where there are more than 6500 images left by the Taino Indians. These caves in 1851, the British Ambassador in his hands, and now you can, so that we can admire.

Salinas wild landscapes

After the end of the cave of tours, far-flung adventures in Salinas. Here we have is a pleasant and tasty Dominican lunch and fishing vessel setting off strays away from the flamingos. It depends on what time of year, you can see hundreds of flamingo. Salinas wild around much more interesting. Picturesque landscapes, black sand beach, dunes, beautiful view. This place is a sight speaks for itself, so you would miss out on the wonderful Black Vice sand and dunes. Amazing pictures. Our path is a salt. You can see the salt making process.

Mango capital

Visit the city of Bani, a mango paradise in the Dominican Republic. Here you can taste the exotic sweet juicy fruit ripe for the day. You can also purchase.

The capital of the Dominican Republic

Bani after visiting, traveling to Santo Domingoba, which is the capital of the Dominican Republic. We here at the Presidential Palace, and the Dominican heroes monuments. So get to know the Dominican history.

Description of the trip:

– a comfortable mini-bus from the hotel

– alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the whole / all inclusive

– stop at Los Delfines

– arrival in San Cristobal

– swimming on the black sandy beach

– view the salt mine

– sand dunes – photography

– Baní City, the capital and market of mango

– lunch

– returning to Santo Domingo, return to Punta Canaba

– souvenir shop

– a guide in Hungarian

During the tour, you can buy your professional photographer’s pictures.

Children up to 10 years of age are 50 USD, free for up to 2 years of age.

We will pick up our guests at the hotel reception and deliver them back.

Las Salinas is a wonderful and untouched place that you should not miss.

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