Montaña Redonda and Macao Beach

Unique perspectives and amazing pictures. Montaña Redonda, more than 300 meters above sea level, located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. The Summit offers beautiful views of the lagoon from the surrounding mountains and ocean. The mountain is green and shades of blue colors merge into sea. Top of the mountain are waiting for us in the swings, where professional photographer image about hintázva, which is the title of: “top of the world”. You will see all the familiar images. The tour 5 piece includes a photo made by a professional photographer, which is included in the price of the trip.

Witches of the Caribbean take-offs

The Hill is a hill to the top of the “Harry Potter” movie to create a picture, known as broomstick in such a way that while jumping tucked legs, as if flying in the sky. We make special encounter images, incredible views of the ocean and nature.

The mountain not only beautiful pictures, but because it is recommended that you can taste delicious dishes of the local residents. This is a place for both tourists and residents of the Dominican Republic.

Rest on a Paradise Beach

Another highlight is the way, the Macao beach. It is well known that in beautiful springs and big waves that are the bigger winds are impressive. The Macao coast popular with surfers. With a little luck you can see the waves of the Caribbean to carry on their Sun. The tour is recommended for those who are looking for beautiful views, nice photos they would like and prefer the local nature and culture.

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