Pirates of the Caribbean

Price: 110 USD

Pirates full Board. The great privateer the turqoise blue waves gently. The sway masts in the wind, smiling confidently while strolling the pirates on board. Their swords, which is not a battle. Show us your real-life 18. Squadron. Of course, it is a treasure map that leads us to expect the treasure, where sharks, rays, and the beautiful coral reefs.

Pirate with us

“The Pirates of the Caribbean” film during his duel with Will Turner called out Jack Sparrownak “you are a pirate!” Jack smiled. I replied to him: “you’re a pirate you want to stay?” Willnek had no choice, such fearless pirates could not discuss. We will not have any other choice. Nor will the opposition of the pirate, so the answer is positive. Whether you want it or not, even pirates. As soon as we enter the big pirateship that sail in the waters of Hispaniola, there is no turning back. We are new members of the crew. In can hide what is the pirates, so we can experience the adventures they also experienced.

Coral reefs and sharks among

For information about how to use the scuba gear. Thanks to this, we can enjoy the beautiful blue Caribbean waters of the pristine coral reefs. Once we’re back on board we serve delicious fresh fruits and chilled soft drinks. Our journey towards the Shark Island, from this moment to increase the excitement of the Board jump in the water because sharks and rays. Swimming might be enticing, and incredible experiences we have. However, do not be afraid of these animals, because we will be under the supervision of professional caregivers.

The sword and rum

Returning to the Board, to prepare for the real fight. The advertisements are transferred to the pirates, which are also different akrobatikai stunts real pirate life. After you win the final battle, it’s time to celebrate dance and fun. The song real pirate rum. But it is not yet the end of the program, do not forget that the pirates are very temperamental. This is a second csetepatéra, kiéleződhet is hiányozhatunk. Once you switch to pirate, we are forever as well.

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