Reef Explorer Diving and Snorkel

Price: 120 USD

Underwater life of the Caribbean Sea. Reef Explorer is a unique expedition to discover the real Caribbean, where sea life. This time, we do not need any special skills. You don’t have to be in the swim or types. Here you can relax and it is snowing outside, we hope that the US will be held during the tour.

Sharks and rays in natural habitat

Everyone during the tour you will feel like a real marine biologist. During the half-day program we examine the mysteries of marine life. Thanks to our snorkel tools you will be to observe the surrounding corals, and a variety of colorful fish. The adrenalin lovers, this is also an opportunity to enjoy swimming with sharks and rajas. Good to know that the Caribbean paradise of these most tame in the world.

Relaxation massage in the azure water

The reefs and the marine life after viewing, we invite you for a relaxing massage, that part of the ocean the water mattress. Can the experienced masseuses, while we can enjoy the soft waves of the sea.

Surround us in the azure waters, peace and tranquility.

Caribbean fruit delicacies

During the tour you can taste the delicious Caribbean fruit, which are rich in vitamins. Do not leave this option off. In addition, expect to see us tasty sandwiches and soft drinks. Take care of your health while enjoying cheerfullness of the local Dominican coral reefs gave beautiful.

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