Riding along the golden sandy beach

Price: 70 USD

Feel the freedom of riding. In the Caribbean, we will riding between springs unknown paths. This allows us to feel the taste of freedom, far from civilization. Riding the Caribbean coasts, wild horses can hear patáinak csobbanását while the water mosta sand. Tropical heat can be updated using lovainkkal, along with the water.

Under the supervision of professional trainers

Experienced riders can make a customized tour. If you have less experience, appropriate information is obtained, how to behave on horseback. The tour will be designed according to the maximum security capabilities. The experienced riders are free to vágtázhatnak during the tour. The lovaglásnak is a high attraction, regardless of age.

Discover the diversity of the Caribbean landscape

During the tour we can enjoy Caribbean nature landscape and wildlife, pálmaligeteken, beaches, riding on small across forests. You can choose from one or two-hour tour to suit your needs.

See you on the farm

The whole adventure begins on a farm, where the tour guide to selecting a suitable horse. For families with children we offer the breakfast time, while friends and couples on délutánit.

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