Seaquarium Punta Cana

Price: 110 USD

Deep under water without oxygen. Seaquarium’s experience is unique, which allows you to dive into the deep water. All of this without the oxygen tank, and without that, it would be diving licence. Generally, there are two possibilities: or sznorkeling, which means that we can focus on marine life swimming on the water surface or deep sea diving, which makes specialized tools. The Seaquariummal we can discover the underwater life without that dining training should do.

A natural Caribbean basin

The adventure of a nearby Caribbean natural swimming pool, also known as the Piscina Natural,. The area is full of brightly coloured marine life. We will see colorful fish, rays, sharks, and sea stars. Thanks to professional instructors, dive beneath the water is completely safe. The tour participants will receive a special helmet, the outlet tube to the breathing. All sorts of diving training without descent up to 15 metres below the water surface. This allows you to see marine animals which are difficult to find in the shallow waters. It’s a decent dose of adrenaline provides us.

The Braves can try deep dives, while the less brave sznorkel surface of the water.

Latin music, dance and entertainment

You can enjoy not only underwater part of the tour, but also over the water are great fun we offer latin music. During the trip, so our animators invited us to dance felpezsdítve of the Caribbean atmosphere on board. While we will have local drinks.

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