Swimming with Dolphins

Price: 100 USD

The dolphins are one of the most intelligent and the most interesting mammals on Earth. The dolphins are able to communicate. The anyadelfin hear a dam 20 km away. You might see a lot of similarities to humans and dolphins. Whereas animals with engaging design, everyone dreams of, to touch them and swimming them. Today, this dream can become a reality. Park Dolphin Explorer with lots of options to choose from. It is possible to caress the flippers and swim with him. Participate in their stunts, all under the strict supervision of a professional instructor, thereby ensuring the maximum level of protection, and a lot of positive experience.

You can choose from the following options:

“Fantastic” package

During the swimming might be enticing the dolphins, by the fins, and you can also get kisses from them. Attractive opportunity for those of us who can’t swim. Children under the age of one can not participate in the program. Pregnant women can take advantage of this package, but only the sixth pregnancy month. Group amuses of a dolphin, which can consist of a maximum of 20 members.

“Explorer” Pack

The package offers the opportunity to make the Dolphin belly by two fins, and swimming with them, and here you can also get kisses from them. This package is for children 8 years of age and swim tudóknak is recommended. Group a dolphin and a maximum of 12 people. The duration is 30 minutes.

“Excellence” package

There are very good swimmers. During the program the dolphin out of the water, choose us and skips over us. In addition, it is possible to fins from the two dolphins swim, while doing a security constituted instructor oversees the show. children under 10 years of age are not eligible to participate. Two Dolphin group, up to 10 people. Duration 45 minutes.

“Extreme” package

The package includes a dolphin swimming, acrobatic stunt show seals, sznorkelig (surface diving) rájákkal and the sharks. Ideal for those who want to experience a gentle and friendly dolphins, but also something special. The adrenaline rush guaranteed!

The dolphin encounter, not viselhetünk of earrings, rings, and other metal jewelry, as well as the use of sunscreen lotions, video camera not allowed. It is possible that the footage made by a professional photographer, images, you buy the Dolphin Explorer, which costs (DVD 60-80)

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