Zip Line and Blue Lagoon

Price: 90 USD

Among the trees of the jungle as Tarzan. Zip-Line tour takes place in the territory of the Anamuya. Zip-Line is a unique adventure and encounter the Dominican nature. During the program we will use a special rope slide down between the trees, the trees with a length of 700 metres. Meanwhile, a totally unique views over the picturesque jungle sounds. While we feel ourselves slipping, as Tarzan in the Caribbean.

Jungle without limits

Zip-line is a great adventure in the amazing Dominican nature. Special steel cable stretched we can slide one of the podium, while cross the beautiful river and the breathtaking Canyon. It can feel as if they were repülnénk the trees, without any constraint.

Under the supervision of experts

For more information about the tour you will get to the beginning of the adventure in complete safety, we can enjoy the fun and we can individually at a later time “fly” from tree to tree.

The Caribbean Sea between flora and fauna

If you are already weary of the Caribbean flora and fauna look, you can relax under the trees and listen to the felt. You will be asked to taste the refreshments, fresh fruit and delicious Dominican coffee. Our guides will accompany you to remain professional, who will be happy to answer all your questions about the nature of the Dominican.

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