Access to the Dominican Republic

The passport of the outbound travel must be valid for a further six months.

Hungarian citizens do not need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic, but a tourist card to make a purchase. Also available online: The price of us $10 tourist card, which must be paid in u.s. dollars. Embassies and consulates in the Dominican Republic can be purchased, or to the country upon arrival at the airport. The tourist card is valid for 30 days. The extension of the duration of the immigration authority (Dirección General de at check). If this fails, leaving the country in the regulation upon exit of the airport must pay a penalty.

Before entering the Dominican Republic in a statement. The fields of the Declaration are as follows:

-Last name
-First name
-Date of birth day/month/year M: male F-female
-Place of birth
-Marital status
-Permanent address, Street
-Permanent home address, city, State, country
-Zip/postal code
-Location the company originally
-Entry (Punta Cana) flight number
-Exit (Punta Cana) flight number
-Purpose of travel: recreation, business, tanulmáy, friend/Barclays
-Duration of stay
-Passport no
-Identity number

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  • Slovenčina
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