Dominican residency

Dominican residency is comprised of two steps. First we must apply for a residency visa via the Dominican consulate in the country of origin. Once the residency visa is issued, you have sixty days to plan a short trip to the country to complete the second part of the process at the Immigration Department. On that trip we will deposit your file with Immigration and in approximately 4-5 months your residency card and cedula (state I.D.) will be ready. Six months after the residency card is issued you will qualify for citizenship and we can start that process if you desire.

The cost for residency which includes the visa process with the consulate and the residency process with immigration is US$3,600.00 (prices may vary depending on consulate used). The cost of each additional family member is US$2,500.00. This covers the visa, translations, Dominican legalizations, Immigration fees, medical exam in the Dominican Republic, repatriation insurance, transportation to immigration office in Santo Domingo and legal fees.An initial payment of 50% of the total cost is due to retain the firm and cover the first process. Once the visa is approved and sealed onto your passport, the second payment will be due. We accept wire transfers into our U.S. or Dominican bank accounts, credit cards (+3% fee) and PayPal (+4% fee).

What I have explained in this email is residency through the fast track program, however, in order to qualify for that type of residency you will need to prove income either from a foreign investment (privately owned company, rental income, CD, annuities etc. minimum or $2k per month) or from a pension minimum of $1,5k per month. You can also qualify for this type of residency if you make a $200k investment into the DR either through the purchase of property, investing in a banking institution or into a company registered in the DR. Those that qualify are given anexemption from duty for the importation of household goods, exemption from transfer taxes for the first purchase of real estate, exemption from taxes on dividends and interest, and 50% reduction on property and capital gains taxes.

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