The name of the Dominican Cuisine Creole cuisine (Cocina Criolla), egyértelműsítve to the Caribbean common Creole cuisine is characterized by the dominant role of units. The Creole kitchen mix with indigenous Native American, Spanish, African and South American flavors and cooking styles. The majority of the rice and add to casserole dishes of meat or fish (less frequently). The meats carefully átsütik. It is surprising that the casual eateries which rarely can be dedicated to fish and seafood. These are very expensive and it is no coincidence that typically there is a buffet of the luxury hotels in vacsoráin.

The locals are mostly poor and not really be able to afford the more expensive beef and pork or fish to eat, but the chicken is relatively cheap to them. Therefore, many ételük are made with chicken. For example, the chicarrones de pollo, resulting in crisper chicken kreolosan (soy, lemon, rum) mixed with marináddal.

Almost all of the food is rice (arroz), black beans (frijoles or habichuelas) and peas (guandules). They do chicken soup, more rarely sertéskotlett (costillas). Étküknek matter of national slices Sancocho (spicy, meaty, cabbage, vegetable, pasta Medley) and favored the Dominican Creole soup (sopa criolla Republic). Love to eat during lent a light meal, sweet beans (habichuelas con dulce). La Bandera is a coconut-fish with bean and walnut, served with rice, the Cicharod de Cerdo, vinegar cured bacon.

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