Location and time difference

The Greater Antilles archipelago on the East side of the island of Hispaniola which are part of, an independent State. It is bordered to the East by land, Haiti. Sea, to the West of Puerto Rico with.

Time difference compared to Europe

Winter time: 5 hours
Daylight savings time: 6 hours

When to visit to Dominica?

On a trip to Dominican Republic weather any time of the year right. . The air temperature and the temperature of the sea in the country throughout the year suitable for swimming. So that your vacation in the Dominican Republic each month, you can enjoy a nice offer.

The weather throughout the year, Dominican Republic summery. The tropical climate of 26 ° c in the winter, in the summer, will result in a 34 ° c. During the year two rainy season is from May to June, the first and the second from October to November. Therefore, you should consider which month we are planning the trip. In June, August and September hurricanes. This, however, does not need to keep any and all hyperwind storms days predicting hotel are prepared. The driest area of the country most of the southwestern part of the peninsula of Samana-csapadékra. The dominant phenomenon in the tropical climate trade wind, which blows from the Atlantic Ocean.

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