Car rental is expensive, and those who are not familiar with the road conditions and driving style of the Dominicans, to sit behind the wheel is not recommended. Not to mention the fact that tourist centers are common in the vicinity of the police officers, a white driver is the most convenient source of revenue in the low-wage for police officers.

Carro, Pubblico taxi

The carro are share taxis come in cars that day. The végállomásról then start the car, if it is completely full. The megteltet not be included in the European sense, it is not uncommon for the 6-7 person sitting in car with driver in the car.


The guagua (pronounced gvágvá) vans, which sometimes follow each other day short exact timetable. Stop immediately if the service indicate that they want to get off; or if standing passengers on the utcaszélén lengetik in their hands, that they want to get out. The stopping condition of nature is that the bus should be at least half a place. There is within the guagua or travel between places. Not a rarity to the bus every five meters from built-up areas. The buses are very crowded during peak time. Transport


A motoconcho (pronounced: motokoncsó) within the motortaxik, lakóterületeken, or you may want to travel less distance. The inhabitants of the island, three of them also sit on the engines and negyedmagukkal. Motoconcho-with the TV on, the gas cylinder, the construction of the cement bags. If it’s not raining, pleasant with her trip. The price still must be clarified in advance.

Regular modern buses

Great distances to make modern, comfortable air-conditioned buses (Traumabapu, Sintrabapu), which only major cities. The air conditioning is often too strong, so it is advisable to bring along a sweater and long pants.

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