Health Regulations

There is no mandatory vaccination, but vaccination against Hepatitis A and B is recommended. Tap water is not suitable for consumption, but bottled water is available everywhere. Due to the climate in the country and the differences in cooking methods, we recommend that you pay close attention to outside meals, especially the use of raw […]

Zip Line and Blue Lagoon

Price: 90 USD Among the trees of the jungle as Tarzan. Zip-Line tour takes place in the territory of the Anamuya. Zip-Line is a unique adventure and encounter the Dominican nature. During the program we will use a special rope slide down between the trees, the trees with a length of 700 metres. Meanwhile, a totally unique […]

WooDoo ceremony

Price: 80 USD Mostly the Haitians believe in the woodoo. In Dominica it is banned, but we are happy to show you these rituals.

Swimming with Dolphins

Price: 100 USD The dolphins are one of the most intelligent and the most interesting mammals on Earth. The dolphins are able to communicate. The anyadelfin hear a dam 20 km away. You might see a lot of similarities to humans and dolphins. Whereas animals with engaging design, everyone dreams of, to touch them and […]

Deep Sea Fishing

Price: 120 USD The most beautiful sights in the Dominican Republic. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful 27 tour of attractions includes the Dominican Republic. We will bathe, swim, after climbing leugrani in the Caribbean in the depth of nature untouched. The tour affect hundreds of different plant species, as well as some tropical […]

Surfing and Kitesurfing

Price: 90 USD Feel the power of the waves. The beach to see the beautiful waves. Even greater feeling to ride these waves. Take hold of the minds of all the balance that you can remain above the wave. This will help our instructors. I feel like the movie blue crush. Experienced surfer all possible. Add […]

Seaquarium Punta Cana

Price: 110 USD Deep under water without oxygen. Seaquarium’s experience is unique, which allows you to dive into the deep water. All of this without the oxygen tank, and without that, it would be diving licence. Generally, there are two possibilities: or sznorkeling, which means that we can focus on marine life swimming on the water […]

Saona Island by Helicopter

Price: 250 USD An unforgettable luxury trip to Saona Island. In both directions we travel by helicopter to the wonderful island while admiring the sea from a bird’s eye view.

Reef Explorer Diving and Snorkel

Price: 120 USD Underwater life of the Caribbean Sea. Reef Explorer is a unique expedition to discover the real Caribbean, where sea life. This time, we do not need any special skills. You don’t have to be in the swim or types. Here you can relax and it is snowing outside, we hope that the US […]

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