Damajagua vízesések
A short drive from Puerto Platatól, lush forests through trekking path can take you to the waterfalls of Damajagua, spectacular line-cascade system. The rapids of 27 smaller and larger waterfalls are spectacular and what could be more fun than the natural
The town lies in the eastern province of La Altagracia. In the city of Yuma River flows through. Its base is based on reed, coffee, tobacco, cocoa, rice, corn, growing and fishing.
Emerging eco-tourism destination in the middle of the island, the sierra, the Kordillerákban. The scenery is fabulous-pine forests, rivers, waterfalls, and the sight of the highest peaks of the Caribbean region. The Dominican Republic's only whitewater rivers, the Rio Yaque
On the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, La Romana, near the city's most famous sights in the country, the cities of Altos de Chavon, i.e. Coral city. The Chavon River plateau, was built in 1983 in the city of
The Caribbean's deepest point, 40 meters above sea level, one of the region's largest lefolyástalan area in Salt Lake (375 km²). Flamingos and iguanas paradise this place. The Cabritos island in the middle of the Lake is housed in the
The Atlantic Ocean is an outstanding breathtaking white sand bed, is an uninhabited island, where just a few palm leaf covered hut. The island is a magnet for divers around the colorful underwater world. Nearly 120 coral and loads of
Parque Nacional del Este
UNESCO World Heritage national park is one of the Caribbean's largest. The ocean, the beautiful coral reef system and the coastal lagoons of four sea turtle species, the bottlenose dolphins, lamantins and species of fish provide a variety of tropical. In addition
Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata is located on the northern shore of the island, one of the most important port of the Dominican Republic on the Bernstein coast. Its line of landmarks are reminiscent of the Spanish and Portuguese sailors of old times,
Punta Cana
The resort is located in the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia. Punta Cana is the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic and is one of the most popular parts of the island. Punta
North of Punta Canas, 70 km deep extends the Samana peninsula, in almost untouched currents, between December and March of each year dozens of long-haired whales gather here for a wedding. The crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the sea are silent
Santo Domingo
It is the capital and the most populous city of the Dominican Republic, situated in the southern part of the country on the Caribbean coast. After Havana, it is the second largest city in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo, on the
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