Wedding planning

Imagine a walk along the white sand beach and the azure water, hand in hand. Enjoy sunshine, gentle breeze, happiness and harmony around us. I feel like a romantic movie would have descended into scene. I never would have thought that this will come true, but this is surely possible.

Wedding in the Dominican Republic is a dream that come true can become

Dominican Republic is a real paradise. Turquoise water, white sand, blue sky, Palm trees stretching up above the water. Many famous Romantic film locations. Wedding in the Dominican Republic is an event that you will remember forever. Take care of your professional organization, which means more options.

We are experienced in tropical weddings, according to your needs, at the highest level. Possible wedding venue:

  • Private beach
  • Historic luxury hotel
  • Elegant Club
  • Azure Lake

Pictures that people can envy

Regardless of whether you choose an opportunity in what will be a professional wedding photos. Due to this if you return home, you also will be remembered for this special day. In retrospect, we can say to each other, to the world’s most beautiful place we were married.

Personalized honeymoon

Caribbean wedding you might want to link honeymoon. The Dominican Republic offers an unforgettable experience in this respect. Romantic dinner, riding the ocean, the azure waters and swimming with dolphins. These are just some of the many possible choices, which also makes the holiday.

Wedding not only in the Dominican Republic

In addition to the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica also organize weddings, which takes place in local music, exotic atmosphere in the tropical sun.remain

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  • Slovenčina
  • English