Dominican accommodation
We can help those who like organize their vacation. We help them to find the most suitable accommodation. Whether you want a honeymoon suite, a family-friendly hotel or in a quiet, idyllic, peaceful setting, we can do everything for you.
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flight ticket Dominican Republic
Air Tickets
Enter the approximate time and duration of the trip and we will find the best flight for you. If you want to travel in a First, Business or Tourist / Economy class, we’ll arrange everything. If you would like to
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airport transfer
Airport Transfer
Our goal is to make our customer satisfied with our customers to the maximum. Our primary goal is the accuracy, reliability, convenience, by driver. The Passengers we offer an airport shuttle service is ordered by date, the Punta Cana airport
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internet rental
Internet Rental
If you want to use internet connection during you staying in Dominica.
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photography in Dominica
Professional photography
The only memories that will forever remain for us the photo. Aided recall the memories of what could be a better photos? Therefore, you might consider to be the most beautiful moments of your photos to a professional photographer. Personalized
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Dominican wedding
Wedding planning
Imagine a walk along the white sand beach and the azure water, hand in hand. Enjoy sunshine, gentle breeze, happiness and harmony around us. I feel like a romantic movie would have descended into scene. I never would have thought
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