Hotel Caño Hondo, Los Haitises

In the north of the Dominican Republic, in the wildlife area of Los Haitises, the hotel is located in a beautiful setting called Caño Hondo. There are numerous waterfalls, splashing water and pools in the area. Excursion to Los Haitises National Park

Samana Peninsula

North of Punta Canas, 70 km deep extends the Samana peninsula, in almost untouched currents, between December and March of each year dozens of long-haired whales gather here for a wedding. The crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the sea are silent giants seeking thousands of tourists. In addition to the marvelous shores lined with palm trees, […]

Parque Nacional del Este

UNESCO World Heritage national park is one of the Caribbean’s largest. The ocean, the beautiful coral reef system and the coastal lagoons of four sea turtle species, the bottlenose dolphins, lamantins and species of fish provide a variety of tropical. In addition to the rich marine biodiversity on land can meet some of the specific organisms, such […]

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