Riding along the golden sandy beach

Price: 70 USD Feel the freedom of riding. In the Caribbean, we will riding between springs unknown paths. This allows us to feel the taste of freedom, far from civilization. Riding the Caribbean coasts, wild horses can hear patáinak csobbanását while the water mosta sand. Tropical heat can be updated using lovainkkal, along with the […]

Bavaro Adventure Park

Price: 90 USD Infinite joy and adventure Airport. Where are the experiences in one place. Everyone will find the right itself. The park offers a variety of attractions, both for children and for families. Therefore, we invite you to play, regardless of gender or age. Joyful moments The amusement park in particular will benefit from physical […]

Samana – El Limon Waterfall and Bacardi Island

Price: 130 / 150 USD Samana is a real paradise. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic. It was filmed in “the Pirates of the Caribbean” film some scenes. In ancient time here who have concluded the ships across futuristic pirates so it really was an area inhabited by pirates. […]

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