Snorkel with us in Dominican Republic!

In the Dominican Republic, the island of Catalina is perfectly suited for snorkeling in the underwater world. There are fish of different colors in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. You can read about the excursion to Catalina here.

Reef Explorer Diving and Snorkel

Price: 120 USD Underwater life of the Caribbean Sea. Reef Explorer is a unique expedition to discover the real Caribbean, where sea life. This time, we do not need any special skills. You don’t have to be in the swim or types. Here you can relax and it is snowing outside, we hope that the US […]

Catalina Island Snorkel

Price: 99 USD Embodiment of dream in paradise. Catalina Island is the perfect choice. A great program for those who love the peace of mind with this tour of passive recreation. Coast-Palm trees, white sand, azure waters, it’s all the postcard mentioning under the Palm trees in the picturesque Island, sipping cocowater. Saona and Catalina What […]

Bavaro Splash

Price: 105 USD Excellent adventure in the middle of the azure blue Caribbean. The trip to the crystal clear water provides an opportunity to pass the motorboats, and without dive experience in the ocean. Speed and freedom Bavaro Splash – we will Feel the tropical breeze James Bond style, and we will have to compete […]

Parque Nacional del Este

UNESCO World Heritage national park is one of the Caribbean’s largest. The ocean, the beautiful coral reef system and the coastal lagoons of four sea turtle species, the bottlenose dolphins, lamantins and species of fish provide a variety of tropical. In addition to the rich marine biodiversity on land can meet some of the specific organisms, such […]

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