Hotel Caño Hondo, Los Haitises

In the north of the Dominican Republic, in the wildlife area of Los Haitises, the hotel is located in a beautiful setting called Caño Hondo. There are numerous waterfalls, splashing water and pools in the area. Excursion to Los Haitises National Park

27 Waterfalls Damajaqua Puerto Plata

Price: 150 USD The most beautiful sights in the Dominican Republic. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful 27 tour of attractions includes the Dominican Republic. We will bathe, swim, after climbing in the Caribbean in the depth of nature untouched. The tour affect hundreds of different plant species, as well as some tropical bird-populated […]


Emerging eco-tourism destination in the middle of the island, the sierra, the Kordillerákban. The scenery is fabulous-pine forests, rivers, waterfalls, and the sight of the highest peaks of the Caribbean region. The Dominican Republic’s only whitewater rivers, the Rio Yaque del Norte rapids offered the excitement. Thanks to the mild Alpine climate here worship for active sports […]

Damajagua Falls System

A short drive from Puerto Platatól, lush forests through trekking path can take you to the waterfalls of Damajagua, spectacular line-cascade system. The rapids of 27 smaller and larger waterfalls are spectacular and what could be more fun than the natural pools with crystal clear waters, splash. Really enjoyable canyoning tours can do that I have […]

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